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24/7 Emergency Car Locksmith Cary

When you have locked your keys inside your vehicle, Locksmith Knights technicians will access your car to retrieve the keys.

We do not recommend trying to access your car yourself. The inner workings of car doors vary from model to model, and unless you know yours well, you may damage them with alock pick. You may be able to get the door open, but in the process may inflict expensive damage to the mechanisms inside the panel. We urge you to instead call a reputable Cary locksmith like Locksmith Knights.

If you have car keys that are not working or an ignition problem, call us. We replace keys and ignitions.

Most cars manufactured today have transponder keys. These keys contain a chip in the key head that sends a signal to the engine control unit when the key is inserted into the ignition. If the engine control unit recognizes the signal, it authenticates the key, disarms an immobilizer, and turns the engine on.

Transponder keys are more complex to replace than standard car keys that do not contain a chip. However, Locksmith Knights technicians are able to replace and program transponder keys as well as car remotes.

Residential Services

Our comprehensive residential locksmith services in Cary meet the spectrum of our residential clients’ needs. Our residential door lock systems range from simple manual setups to technologically advanced installations. We put lock systems into new builds as well as existing structures.

Home door locks sometimes need rekeying or repair. Locksmith Knights delivers these services quickly and efficiently. We also make duplicate keys.

Electronic Smart Locks

Electronic smart locks are increasingly becoming homeowners’ choice of locking system. There are multiple locking technologies available: Bluetooth (the door unlocks when a sensor detects your approach, or you can tap your phone or key-fob on the lock itself); biometric entry (the lock reads a fingerprint); or keypads with PINs.

Wi-Fi connectivity is a feature of some smart locks. This allows for doors to be unlocked remotely if there is a cellular or wireless connection. Some systems also track who enters and at what time.

Commercial Services

Businesses and commercial applications need entry locking systems that are reliable and sophisticated. No one system works for every kind of business because each company has its unique requirements and setups. Locksmith Knights in Cary installs many types of business locking devices, including paddle locks, core locks, keyless entry locks, panic bar locks, push bar locks, and high-security locks.

We also install auxiliary locking systems for file cabinets and safes, as well as control system buzzards and restricted key systems.

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