About Locksmith Knights

Locksmith Knights is the premier locksmith service throughout Raleigh, North Carolina’s Triangle region, and surrounding areas. Locksmith Knights was founded on the principles of integrity and service to others.

Often times, people need our services under unpleasant and emergency circumstances. Here at Locksmith Knights, we strive to provide convenient, professional and courteous locksmith services to our customers without taking advantage of a customers adverse situation. We’re there to help!

Our TechKnights are trained and seasoned locksmiths with years of experience and are able to solve most situations quickly and efficiently. All Locksmith Knights technicians are licensed with the State of North Carolina.

Locksmith Knights is a local locksmith service that strives to provide ultimate service and satisfaction. We provide our customers top notch locksmith services and we are different than many locksmith companies where technicians work on a commission base and try to take advantage of the customers helplessness in the situation.

All TechKnights are subject to company prices (which you can see here on our website). Prices are based on an average going rate for locksmith services in North Carolina and surrounding areas and are fair and affordable.

Our technicians won’t begin a job until you’ve received a quote and have agreed. Once we begin, we’re professional, quick, and convenient. We strive to make sure our customers are satisfied.

The Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with quality locksmith worksmanship and skill. We are dedicated to providing these services in an orderly and timely fashion at affordable fair pricing. Let’s get unlocked. 

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